Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Communications with Ash!

MDM's Oort sits behind the office desk and corresponds to Brisbanite/ Eat Laserian member Ash Timms.. here's what happened.

Hi Ash, what have you been up to this week?
Working, cleaning out the house because I left my windows open during the dust storm. Left all my washing on the line too. DUST. Nova Scotia got to play with Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks on Sunday night, which was definitely one of my highlights for the year.

What Brisbane bands are you currently playing in at the moment?
Nova Scotia & Sweet Dreams

What shows coming up are you looking forward to?
We're playing with the Vivian Girls next week - I'm looking forward to that one. Also Nas will be touring here in late October I think, good times.

Geelong or St. Kilda?
St Kilda by 17. They're the deserving underdogs.

XXXX Bitter or Carlton Draught?
They're both alright by me.

Simon Black or Luke Power?
Power deserves way more credit than he gets, but I'll have to go with Black - he's a champion of the game.

What's the last album you bought? Please rate this out of 5.0?
The Marked Men - Ghosts
2.5/5 - more a victim of my harsh rating system than for actually being average, it's really quite good (Don't ask me to explain the rating system).

Do you think you'll try Advanced Hair Studio's new baldness DNA test?
There’s a DNA test now eh?
Nah, if I'm going to go bald then bring it on.


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