Sunday, July 19, 2009

MDM001 | Eat Laser Scumbag! : ELS 1 - Earth 0 (2005 CD EP)

Debut release on Must Destroy Mankind in 2005.

Eat Laser Scumbag! 4 Brisbane lads (1x from the south, 1x from the west side, 1x from the east, 1x central) rip through their debut 6-track EP recorded by Brisbane's Zero Interference master Bryce Moorhead. Limited CD's still available!

1 - Solander
2 - On and On
3 - A Gentleman and A Scholar
4 - Ponies
5 - Boost
6 - Exit

PURCHASE this on iTunes via our pals at MERE NOISE RECORDS
or order the cd w/ paypal AU$8 incl. postage WORLDWIDE

not many copies left.

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